Rainbow Nails: Bring the colors of spring to your fingertips

Rainbow nails are fun, colorful, and bright. They bring a good mood to the wearer, are beautiful to look at, and are easy to make. Browse the gallery to discover the most loved looks!

Rainbow Nails

After a difficult and tormented winter, with a pandemic that for now does not seem to give us respite, the desire for colors, liveliness, and joy, is literally skyrocketing. This need affects every sphere of our life, including manicures. Rainbow nails are the new trend for the summer; irresistible and delicate. Discover them now.

The rainbow effect nails, with pastel colors, will be the must of the season, which will also accompany us in summer. A splendid mix of warm colors, perfect for facing the new season with serenity. Browse the gallery to discover the most beautiful proposals; So get to work and make your bright spring nail art now!

  1. Pastel rainbow nails

Choose pastel shades for delicate and surprising results. Draw abstract rainbows covering the entire surface of the nails. In this case, precision is not important, what matters is the romantic cocktail of colors, ideal for illuminating the hands and bringing a good mood on the darkest days!

  1. Decorations with colorful rainbows

Spice up your look with this nail art for short, square-shaped nails. Uniform the base with neutral nail polish, then add lines of different colors, creating real rainbows, to get a captivating and super colorful look.

It is a very simple design to make, suitable even for the less experienced. Free your imagination and create beautiful designs on your nails.

  1. Rainbow Striped Nail Art

Apply a different color to each nail to create a beautiful rainbow effect. What makes the design unique is the seamless transition of different shades. Choose this manicure if you love eccentric and particularly bright style.

  1. Rainbow French nails

Add a modern touch to your French manicure by bringing the rainbow effect to your fingertips. Paint your nails with different colors; you will get an elegant look with a fresh and cheeky taste.

  1. Rainbow fantasy with pastel colors

Sweet and sophisticated: they are truly a work of art. The nude base and bright colors create a captivating contrast, which will focus the attention on your hands wherever you go. It is a versatile look adaptable to any style, to be worn both during the day and in the evening.

  1. Rhinestone decorations

The simplest way to create a rainbow is to apply different nail polishes to each nail. Use your favorite shades to create a unique and unrepeatable do-it-yourself look. You can enrich the nail art by decorating it with small gems, to be placed at the base of the nails, for an ultra-sparkling effect.

  1. Fancy nail art

Mix the rainbow look with decorations of different shapes, to create an original and fun look. This pretty design will add charm to your appearance, especially on sunny days. It is perfect to wear with playful and casual outfits.

  1. Professional rainbow gel nails

This is an elaborate and complex nail art to be done in your favorite beauty salon. Choose a neutral base and embellish it with gold and rainbow details, in pure unicorn style. Choose this look if you love the fairy tale world and flashy, challenging manicures.

  1. Elegant summer nails

Show off a sophisticated and chic look thanks to these beautiful rainbow gel nails. The design and colors are simple and discreet, perfect for elegant women who love the minimal style, without giving up on small trendy details.

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Post Author: Ronald L. Turner