Tips that will make you a good knife thrower


There are so many tips that can sharpen one’s throwing techniques. Some of the throwing tips look obvious but in the real sense, they are very important especially for beginners. If you are a beginner in the throwing knives, you must know that there are procedures and also steps involved in throwing knives. These tips can be so helpful when it comes to sharpening one’s skills and also making sure that the thrower remains safe when throwing knives. as we all know, knives are dangerous but they are a source of entertainment and used as a sporting tool for throwing knives. It is not bad to play with knives but precautions must be put in place especially when the thrower is a beginner. Therefore, below are some of the useful throwing tips for beginners

Choose the correct knife

The kind of knife that you use for your practice is very important. This is the knife that will shape your skills and improve your throwing techniques. When choosing a knife for your throwing practice, make sure that you select the best throwing knives for beginners. There are so many places that you can find this specific kind of knives for the purpose of the throwing sport, game or practice. We have the balanced knives meant for the experts, we have the blade knives and the handle knives for beginners. You cannot try using the balanced type of knife if you are a beginner because you will fail to control the knife. Therefore, always choose the best throwing knives for beginners.

Be keen with the handle of the knife

You should always watch the handle of the knife that you are using for your practice. Concentrate on the handle and not the point. If the knife that you are using hits the target by the handle, it means that the distance between you and the target is not correct. That means that the knife has a lot of time to spin that’s why the handle ended up hitting the target. To reduce the over-rotation, you should consider moving forward a few steps. Also, when the knife hits the target but the handle face down, you will definitely need to move backward. This can happen because the knife did not have time to spin. For the knife to have time to spin, you must make sure that the knife has enough time to rotate.

Have a proper stance

Just like many games that we know, the stance is very important. You will know your dominant leg. If you do so, make sure to place weight on the dominant leg. Then, make sure that your leg that is not dominant is in front. Do the same thing to the arms. Make sure to raise your dominant arm in front and make sure that the arm is perpendicular to where you are standing. You should always keep the knife at a comfortable distance from your head. Also, make sure that you achieve a relaxed body. Being relaxed is very vital for a successful throw. Stand upright or have an upright posture whenever you want to throw.

Always practice

You do not just wake up today and become a professional when it comes to throwing. Throwing needs patience and practice. Make sure that you practice as many times as possible until you become perfect in throwing knives. Nowadays you can decide to take knives throwing lessons because they are being offered in so many places. You can also learn from a professional and you can also follow a few throwing tips and learn by yourself. At first, you might be having trouble in sticking of the knife but with time, you should try to make adjustments to the throwing exercise until the knife sticks to the target.

Be consistent

Your knife might be sticking but you are not consistent. You should always do practice and make sure that you are consistent with every throw that you make. You can only be consistent if you follow the same procedure over and over again.

Impose safety measures

When doing exercise, you must know that you are not a professional. Therefore, anything can happen. This is because your knife sticking abilities are still not perfect. To avoid any accidents or incidents, you should always do your practice away from people or pets or else you might end up killing them. Also, missing the throw might mean that you are likely to lose the knife. To be in a safer spot or to avoid buying knives all the time that you will be practicing, consider putting or rapping your knife handle with a layer of bright tape. This will make it easier to spot the knife if at all you missed on your target. After you know the correct measures, throwing knives should be fun.


Throwing knives have been there for centuries but it is becoming more popular these days. This is because many people find throwing knives as fun and it is also a form of entertainment. Apart from that, throwing knives grew as a sporting event and people compete. Because of that, there are so many people who train as knife throwers to participate in knife throwing competitions. As a beginner, there are tips that you can easily follow to become perfect in throwing games. Always take precautions when practicing because knives are dangerous.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner