Set up the gym at home with these fitness accessories

During the quarantine, it is important to continue doing some exercise, therefore, these ideas can go very well for you. Take note!

No Time To Go To The Gym

How many times is this excuse repeated? I don’t do sports because I don’t have time to go to the gym. So if the mountain does not go to Muhammad, let Muhammad go to the mountain. Setting up the gym at home has its advantages because in any break you have you can get in shape.

Gym Accessories For Your Home: Dumbbells Or Weights

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They are basic to train at home. They come in various sizes and weights. With them, you will work different muscle groups, especially arms, chest, and back. Define your arms with a few minutes of exercise! In 30 minutes of lifting weights well, you burn 112 calories.

Rubber Or Elastic Bands

There are different colors and it is because each one corresponds to an intensity. That is, it costs more to stretch them depending on the weight they represent. It is an accessory for your gym that will help you work for different muscle groups.

Let’s Jump!

Hit the rope. This is sure to bring back memories of when you were a child. The jump rope or jump rope is another of those fitness accessories you need to set up your home gym. It is used to warm up or do a series of exercises. Of course, clear the area where you are going to use it. You will do cardiovascular exercise and the longer you jump, the more fat you will burn.

A Mat For Floor Exercises

Not only for stretching, but it is also used for training, and the floor is somewhat soft but not too soft so as not to perform the exercises well at home. On a mat, you can do a complete table of exercises that works all the muscles.

Small Rubber Balls

A small rubber ball is used to do exercises at home with which to tone the body. They come in various sizes and colors and will help you, among other things, to work your abs. With some exercise plus a healthy diet, you’ll stay in shape!

Get A Fitball

It is a giant ball. It occupies, yes, but if you have a multipurpose room it is perfect for doing sports at home and you will end up using it even to sit in front of the computer. You will have seen her in yoga or pilates classes. It allows us to work on balance, tone, and gain muscles, and also helps us improve posture.

Do Not Miss A Step Or Step In Your Home Gym

It is a step that allows you to go up and down, up and down, to the rhythm of the music (always have it in the background and it will encourage you with the exercise). It costs about and will make you burn a lot of calories ( 40 minutes at a good pace will take away 500 calories ), while you tone up your lower body (that is, from the buttocks down).

Foam Roller, The Magic Foam Rubber Roll

It’s cheap, it doesn’t take up too much space and it doesn’t weigh anything. It is the fitness accessory that your home gym needs. It is used to exercise but also to massage the muscles and unload them. It is a rigid rubber or foam roller of different lengths and diameters. Some are embossed. It has become fashionable thanks to well-known athletes and trainers like Kayla Itsines.

Balance Board

It is a small board or disk that helps you work on your balance. With it you will train coordination and spatial perception, so the body is more predisposed to changes and the risk of injury is reduced. You can use it to do exercises sitting, standing, turning, with one leg, with both.

A Hoop That Tones Without Gaining Weight

It is a ring (pilates ring ) provided with two handles on the sides. It can be placed between the hands to work the upper part of the body and also between the thighs, to accentuate the work of the abductors. It is used in pilates but why not take it home? It is an accessory that will allow you to tone up without forcing the joints with weight.

The Right Clothes And Shoes

Of course, going to do sports at home is no excuse for not properly equipping yourself with the right shoes and clothes that allow you to do the exercises comfortably. It is essential that you wear a bra that protects the chest from impacts.

And If You Have More Space: Sports Machines

A treadmill or stationary bike are the most common machines for aerobic exercise at home. Of course, you already need to have enough space because they are bulky. Their price is also higher but, without a doubt, they are a good option for exercising and combining with others that you make with smaller accessories.

Whether you’re a gym junkie or not, this topic is sure to have opened your eyes. You don’t need so much space to set up your gym at home and thus take advantage of any time to train and get in shape. With the right fitness accessories for the space you have, you set the pace.

Setting up the gym at home means putting your heart to work with aerobic exercises, losing weight, and also exercising your muscles. Of course, always do it correctly to avoid injuries. Luckily today we have the Internet, which allows us to watch videos on how to do the exercises – as if guided by a personal trainer. It is important to take into account all the indications of the professionals to avoid subsequent muscle pain or injury. There are also applications to get fit at home with all these accessories and series adapted in intensity and difficulty to your physical condition. Start with the basics. Surely in a short time, you will gain in resistance.

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