Kratom Uses: The Best Ways to Enjoy Kratom

There are different types of Kratom available in the market, and each one has its own effects. Kratom uses vary depending on what you’re after for your experience, which you match along with the variety of Kratom you have.

Chewing Kratom

This is the traditional way of enjoying Kratom, a practice enjoyed in Thailand for centuries. Farmers and laborers partake in the leaves to give them a boost of energy or to help with their aches and pains. It’s the easiest way of consuming Kratom in leaf form since you don’t have to undergo too much preparation. Take a bunch of fresh or dried whole kratom leaves, roll them up, then chew it to release the quid.

Kratom Uses

However convenient it may be, it’s not the most pleasant. Kratom juice has a high alkalinity level and can be an acquired taste for some.

Toss and wash

If you got your hands on a good Kratom powder, one of the best ways to take it if you’re in a hurry is the toss and wash. You take a spoonful of Kratom gradually in your mouth, then wash it down immediately with water or juice.

It’s almost the same as chewing, so you’ll be tasting the herby flavor of the leaves. The leaves can also stick to the walls of your mouth and through, causing you to gag or cough. Just take in a few of the powder at a time, then wash it down with water until you consume the entire spoonful.

Kratom tea

Drinking tea is best for those who want to start their day with a dose of Kratom that is a treat to the senses. The heat of the water will release the leaves’ pungent aroma and allow you to appreciate the flavor in a subtle way. You can enhance the experience by adding some sugar, lemon, honey, or cinnamon, although these aren’t necessary.

To prepare your tea, measure out your kratom leaves and pour 8oz of hot water. Stir and let it steep for a while, then strain on a separate cup. Use a fine-mesh strainer or coffee filter to get most of the sediments out. Your tea should be clear and sediment-free so that you’ll be able to appreciate the smooth flavor.

Tablets or capsules

Of all the ways to use Kratom, this is the most common method. You can order Kratom prepared in tablets or capsules, so you can just take it at will. Alternatively, you can buy empty 00 for Kratom extract or 000 capsules and fill them with your chosen mix of Kratom powder. It’s a tedious process of filling them, but you can adjust the mix according to your preference.

Kratom uses vary, and you don’t have to limit yourself to one method to enjoy it. Depending on how much you take, the effects can last from 5-10 minutes to as much as 2 hours. However, you can only get the full potential of Kratom if you get them from reliable sources. Only buy Kratom online from reputable companies that show a solid understanding of your needs botanical and consideration.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner