Is It Safe to Buy Jewelry in an Online Auction?

Taking the plunge and buying jewelry online at an auction can seem like a gamble, particularly when you’ve only seen pictures and dimensions. Whether you’re looking for a diamond to dazzle a future bride or a gift for a sweet 16, there’s no reason to turn your back on an Internet gem. Armed with a few tips of the trade, you can ensure your new investment ticks all the right boxes.

Jewelry Online Auction

Do Your Research

If you have a very set idea of the type of piece you are looking for, then the Net is a marketplace like no other. Not only are you likely to find more than one example of your desired style, but you can also take your pick of sellers and a nice collection of competing price tags. It’s still important to make a considered choice and due diligence on the part of a buyer is essential. Do your research and make sure you know which hallmarks and signatures of authenticity you need to mark the real deal from a dud.

Online auction houses live and die by their reputation and quality auctioneers provide a high level of protection for both sellers and buyers.

Contact Sellers

Contacting sellers or auction runners directly is still the best way to determine the quality of their product. Ask about the seller’s or auction company’s background and how they bought the jewelry they’re selling, as well as any maintenance or repair work the piece has undergone while in their care. If you’re not able to discern something about the jewelry in the pictures provided, ask for additional shots of particular angles and higher resolutions.

Ask for Documentation

Photographs are also a great way to confirm the details listed in the product description. If a seller claims a product is made from precious metal or gems, then ask for confirmation of this. Be prepared for a seller to decline your request but never be afraid to ask it. Although reputable auction companies will be able to provide documentation to support their product descriptions, As a customer, you need to consider how important authenticity is to you and be prepared to walk away from negotiations if you believe the price exceeds the worth of the piece. Premier sites will usually have documentation and/or appraisals included in the listing.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner