Internal SEO v external SEO

Something that many businesses face is whether to hire consultants or have an in-house team do the job. This extends to SEO; does the company hire an SEO agency to do the job or do they build a team to do the job. This is a bit tricky, so this article will give some characteristics of both, pointing out some merits and demerits in the process.

Internal SEO – All you want to know

This is the in house team dedicated to meeting the needs of the company. Some characteristics include:

They work strictly for the company: an in-house team works only, for the company, meaning that they cannot be distracted by external commitment or too preoccupied with existing projects unless they are overworked or understaffed. This ensures the speed of the work to be done.

They have in-depth company knowledge: as staff of the company, they understand how the company works, the targets, aims and vision of the company. They are also more likely to be dedicated to the work given them.

Open communication channels: the channels of communication are better as they are just down the hall or on another floor of the building. This makes the work smoother as ideas and demands are passed across more easily and the good seo company are very well aware of this.

Time and cost: building and maintaining an in-house team costs because you have through a recruitment process that takes time to find the right fit for your company. You also have to train them to acquire the necessary skills, not forgetting the tools they need to do their job, which also cost money. Their salaries/wages are another cost to factor in as it is continuous and will only increase with time as they become better at their job to help business and that is why seo company you select is very important..

Harmony: an in-house team as part of the company will be more likely to in sync with other members of staff than outsiders. This results in less friction and hostility, a result that only benefits the company.

External SEO – All you want to know.

External SEO is SEO agency, companies that specialize in SEO services. Here are some characteristics:

Expertise: since they specialize in SEO, they are experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable and are aware of changes happening in the industry as that is their bread and butter. They also do not need training as they are already professionals.

A complete team: when using an SEO agency, you do not need to worry about what is missing in the team, as they already have their complete set of experts, an all you have to do is pay them and those experts are yours for the duration of the project.

Less hassle: there is less of a hassle in the sense that you do not have to find a place to accommodate them as they have their own offices they work from. You also do not have to worry about employee conflict, as that is handled by the seo company.

Tools: they already have the necessary tools to do the job without you having to acquire them. This is one of the best things, generally these tools get the work done fast and results are much better, but you cannot spend on them, as they are very expensive.

Cost: they are cheaper to use than an in-house team as you do not have to pay for the tools they need, wages or training.

Finding an agency: locating the right agency that meets your requirements can be a hassle as many agencies are not as good as they claim or may even be unethical agencies whose work will end up harming your business.

Non-exclusivity: SEO agencies have other clients, meaning that their time cannot be wholly dedicated to you unless they have an efficient system in place that ensures that clients are paid attention to.

Communication: the lines of communication may not be as smooth and the wishes of the clients may get lost in transit. This will hamper the speed and quality of the work.

The above are not all the characteristics of internal and external SEO, but they are a start from where you can begin your consideration. , they must understand that the impact on all these figures, data, techniques is in fact only two of the above mentioned actors. So, everything is clear here, there is no place to think according to the principle: “What is older, chicken or egg”. All data and analysis can only be a consequence of the decisions and techniques applied by the above mentioned two entities, and this will only then lead to the answer whether SEO is an fee or an investment.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner