How to Play Fortnite

Fortnite game is one of the most played video game in the world; the game came into existence in the year 2017 by Epic game. Few months after the production of the game, the game Fortnite became one of the hottest game in the world and can be played with different devices and can be downloaded on X – Box one, personal computer, IOS, and also PlayStation, though not yet on Android but Epic game is making a great effort to make sure the game can be played before the end of the year. The game is all about battle. One hundred players are dropped on an island with a safezone, the weapon is scattered on the island, not only that, special items or gems are also scattered on the island. The winner is to be the very last person standing. Though easy but also complicated at times which is why care must be taken while playing the game to avoid troubles and probably be the winner.

Tips on How to Be a Successful Player in Fortnite

  1. Taking advantage of the training ground right before the game starts – the game provides room for the players to pick some items and weapons before the game start, using these weapons while facing difficulties can be very hard which is why practicing them at the training ground is advised to familiarize the player with the weapons.
  2. Using the pickaxe on any obstacle –while playing the game especially in the first mission, making use of the pickaxe on everything is advised. Some structures contain some special gems that can really earn the player some unique features. Use the pickaxe on any obstacles repeatedly to get the items in them.
  3. Taking care of the health – while playing the game, it is sure the player got wounded which makes it very compulsory to take care of the health. Some items are on the island that can either restore the player’s health or make it harder for the player to be killed. Such items include:
  • Slurp juice – the juice is used to restore the player’s energy and also for protection. This juice provides the player with one shield point per one second and also one health point for second all for twenty – five seconds.
  • Chug jug – the jug is one of the most treasurable items in the game, it gives the player a full health no matter what state the player is before but while using this item, the player should make sure no harm is coming toward because consuming the item takes about 15 minutes which also pose threat to the life of the player.
  • Bandage – this is used to restore the health, more or less like the Chug Jug but takes immediate effect,unlike the Chug Jug, though, cannot fully recover the player’s health.
  • Medkits – unlike bandage and Chug Jug, the medkits fill up the player health by just taping the green icon at the base of the screen.
  • Shield Potions – this shield potion is used in restoring the shield, it can also be used to fully restore the player’s health but with two potions. This is easily activated by tapping the icon right above the green bar.
  1. Learn To Construct – learn how to build rigid support, building in this game is the main key to defense and it is an undeniable fact that strong defense often means survival in the game. Especially for the players playing for the first time, learn how to build strong buildings around in just some seconds which can easily help the player to prevent the player from getting harmed when in difficult situations. Making judicious use of the building will enable the player to be able to go over a tall building and climb mountains. Also, aside from the med kits and Chug Jug that can be used to restore health, buildings can also protect the player’s health from danger.
  2. Knowing Each Weapons Weakness And Strength – before playing the game, it is very important to know what weapon to use in each situation, knowing this helps the player from the sudden breakdown of such weapon in the battle. Some of the weapons to make use for in the game include:
  • Shotguns – this is the most perfect weapon to use when the enemies are very close but the player needs to be a little bit aggressive to make the player unstable target.
  • Pistols – it is good when firing enemies at a medium range but not advisable for close range because it can be too slow.
  • Submachine Guns – when shooting enemies at medium range or close range, using this weapon is the best but not that good when airing enemies at a very long distance. Assault rifles – they very good when aiming at enemies in along distance, it can also be used when enemies are close. Rocket launchers – as the name implies, it is used to launch an attack on the enemy’s fort and can be used to destroy some groups of enemies at a single shot. Snipers – though the best weapon to be used for a very long distance but can be very bad in aiming at enemies in a short range.
  1. Practice – practicing especially with the weapons enable the player to be familiarized with the weapons. This action should be done when not in a fight with the enemies and will surely aid in fighting the real battle with the enemies.
  2. Firefights – engaging in fighting surely help the player in mastering the control buttons. It is likely to be vulnerable when playing for the first time but that helps the player n gaining control of the buttons and making it easy when playing some other times.
  3. Be alert – when other players is running away from you, it means that you are holding a very weak weapon or they are weak. If you are so sure of your weapon is so strong and reliable, then go after them. Get their weapons and gain more strength.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner