Your Bar or Restaurant’s Success Is All In The Detail

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is a tough place to be at the moment. Prospects are beginning to turn around post-recession, but competition is still tough because disposable income is not what it was.

Industry website Big Hospitality reports on the eating out market facing a turbulent year and also how an unexpected dip hit in June.

Restaurants Success Is All In The Detail

Nail The Detail

Success in the industry is generally not about one-off business unless you are in a high footfall tourist area. The key is getting repeat business, regulars, who keep coming back. You need to consider every element of your business, and if you’re not getting the repeat visits, strip everything back and look at what element is letting you down. It might be something easily put right.

Even if the food is excellent, you won’t be successful if your front of the house is letting you down. It might be easy to see a problem, for example, if the decor is tired. Check the loos – many people judge a restaurant by the cleanliness in the toilets. Otherwise, it might be less obvious; are your glasses and cutlery sparkling clean? Are your drinks being served at the right temperature?

Even a couple of degrees can make the difference between a great drink and a mediocre one, and when downtime and disposable income are so valuable, customers are not as patient and forgiving as they might once have been. Service your commercial bottle coolers regularly, and make sure you buy the best one you can upfront. Check out a selection of commercial bottle coolers by FridgeFreezerDirect.

Change the Little Things And Everything Looks Different

Anyone who has ever made a special effort for an occasion will know the difference a little change can make; a different hairdo, a brighter lipstick, costume jewelry, and so on. The person remains the same but the details can change the overall effect completely. So look at the presentation of your bar or restaurant through a customer’s eyes. Are salt and pepper shakers full? Are your tables propped up with folded beer mats? Are there clean towels in the bathroom?

Once you have done the review, keep reviewing. Things change very quickly, so ensure your staff is always on the lookout for possible issues too.

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Post Author: Ronald L. Turner