Social media marketing strategies: examples

To reach your social media goals, you have to define a social media marketing strategy. How do you know which social media marketing strategies to use?

The digital marketing strategy is essential to growing, generating a community, reaching your target audience, and converting quality followers into potential customers.

We’re going to determine some of the best social media marketing strategies and look at some examples so you can get inspired.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

All brands that have a presence in social networks should have a defined, own, and customizable marketing strategy.

We define the strategy once the Social Media Audit has been carried out, and it is defined in the Social Media Plan for social networks.

The social networks of a company, without a marketing strategy, can make several common mistakes:

  • Not knowing how their social networks work and, therefore, not knowing how to evaluate their performance.
  • Not knowing what is being said about the brand on social networks, nor dealing with the management of a bad online reputation.
  • Absence of good content curation.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Lose potential sales and potential customers.
  • You do not know the reality and the needs of your audience.

The social media strategy encompasses everything, everything we do on them.

Types of social media marketing strategies with examples

Quality Content

Social media marketing strategy to work

You have to design an editorial calendar with content that you can publish, but that is relevant, useful, and high-value-added content.

Content marketing is essential to attract visibility in social networks to your brand, being one of the most effective marketing strategies for social networks.

There is a lot of competition every day to post on social networks, and it is not easy to attract attention.

Gain Interaction

Social media is not just for posting. If you want to have a participatory audience, you have to work on it every day.

If you are generous with third-party content that you find useful, they will be generous with you.

Also, you have to get out of your social media accounts, and your company accounts, to participate in other social media accounts and attract quality leads and followers to your social media accounts.

Contests And Promotions

Contests on social networks and special promotions are not to be done every day.

Good response on your networks has many benefits, for example:

  • Carry web traffic.
  • Brand branding.
  • Reach a new audience.
  • Test the products or services.
  • Increase sales.

And you don’t have to sell products to run a contest on social media. If you sell a service, you can, for example, offer a mini-course or free brief advice to those who sign up.

Take Care Of Your Online Reputation

Online reputation is key for a brand to survive on social networks. To do this, a good marketing strategy is to monitor the brand, see what is said about it, and where it is said.

Thus, having your brand under control helps you improve your customer service, manage complaints, doubts, and opinions from your followers and customers, and improve the next content to publish on social networks.

Monitor The Competition On Social Networks

Part of the work of online reputation in social networks, and a great strategy, is to monitor what the competition is doing.

Do you know what content works for the competition? Any kind of content to inspire you?

Use that information to improve the performance of your social media posts. You have to be inspired by the whole world and then create your own content.

Vary The Formats

In social networks, an effective marketing strategy is to change content formats regularly.

We can publish, in each social network, many different types of content and formats. Prepare the edition of these contents so that they are optimized for each social network.

For example, on Instagram, you can make a carousel, next time a Reel, add multiple stories, or post just one photo.

Video Content

Of course, video is on the rise in social networks. It is a format that grows every day, for various reasons.

By a lake, algorithms in social networks benefit the use of video.

On the other hand, they allow you to reach a larger audience, they have more reach, and therefore, we can gain more interaction.

To do this, you can use a channel like YouTube, which also allows you to position yourself as a business on social media, or post IGTV videos on Instagram, Tik Tok, or native videos on Facebook. The possibilities of using video on social media as a marketing strategy are endless.

Social Media Plan

For a social media marketing strategy to work, you better have a Plan. Not just any Plan, but a Social Media Plan.

To make a step-by-step Social Media Plan you need to take into account several things:

  • Your brand, its evolution.
  • The competition.
  • The professional sector.

Entertain The Fans

Those who follow you on a company social media account only want one thing: to be entertained. They follow the brand for valuable content that they can if they want to share.

They feel part of your brand. And for this, you have to offer attractive and shareable content.

Look For New Clients

Thus, if with the organic content on social networks we reach, almost totally, only the current followers, with the ads on social networks we will reach a new audience similar to the one we have.

A brand that wants to grow in social networks has to make announcements on a regular basis, at certain times, according to the marketing strategy in social networks that it has.

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