Ideas for decorating the walls of a country house

Enrich the decoration of your home in the town or in the country with these tips to put rustic and chic style on the walls.

Townhouses and their decoration have something that captures and seduces urbanites. Far from the aseptic minimalism or the eclectic retro or vintage style, the rustic connects with the authentic, with traditions, with a simpler way of life, and, why not, romantic. The furniture, the colors, the details… The rural style is very varied and also very rich in different nuances. If you like the charm of country houses, take note of these decoration tips to give the walls a unique air and enrich it even more.

Popular Crafts: A Hit That Does Not Go Out Of Style

Best decoration ideas

A nod to the traditions of the area where the house is located, to local artisan roots that always place the house in its context, in addition to linking with that rural flavor that looks so good in rural constructions. A composition of flavored items, of different sizes, always decorates successfully.

Stone Walls

What better decoration than the wall itself, if it has all the charm of rural houses: bare stone walls reveal the rustic flavor with all their aesthetic strength, as well as being difficult to place anything on them. Old plastered walls also look good, with natural pigments of lime and other typical crafts, exposed bricks, vaults… Leave them with their signs of the past!

Welcome Rack

Very common in country houses, is the traditional coat rack. “Decorate” it with what corresponds, to many hats, bags, or, depending on the area, even umbrellas. In addition to practice, they put a point of interest in the hall.

Ceramics, Popular Taste For The Walls

It is very typical to place collections of old plates on the wall. Choose those popular crafts from the region in which the house is located and propose a special composition that attracts attention. Get inspired by these ideas.

A Tapestry, Color, And Warmth

Tapestries were formerly used to warm the stone walls of castles and manor houses. Like the rugs, covering the walls with textiles was able to heat the environment, in addition to decorating. You can put an old one or a modern one. Decorating the walls with tapestries is a trend.

Charming Kitchens

The kitchen is the nerve center of country houses. We like rustic kitchens very much, but that does not mean that we do not have to do without state-of-the-art appliances. It is the decorative details that put the rural point, such as placing the utensils in sight, the crockery in old showcases, etc. Join the kitchen shelving to get the country style right.

Details That Evoke The Field

Farming utensils, natural fiber trophies, pieces of wood… Everything you can think of can be placed on the wall. Only two conditions: that it is authentic (and if it belonged to the house and has its history, much better) and that it is placed with style.

Contemporary Art, A Perfect Contrast

As always, the mixture enriches. The rustic is not at odds with the modern, but rather the opposite. Combine antique furniture with design pieces, country details with other avant-garde details, and, on the walls, contemporary art. The symbiosis between rustic walls with works by today’s artists is surprising. As an example, these ideas. Dare to the most intense mix.

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