Understanding The Concept Of Hay day

Many times it is observed that farmers get so bored and tired of their farming activity. It is important that games could keep them company and if it is exactly a replica of their real-life work then it seems to be the perfect match. Well, hay Day is a farming game just designed for everybody but more or less for the farmers. Their skills will obviously help them advance to higher levels. Hay Day is a famous mobile game developed by supercell. Supercell is a big game developing comparing that has produced a lot of other crowd-pulling games especially in the western part of the world. Some of supercell other games include clash of clans, the clash of titans and a few others. The company has done a great deal in ensuring that the game is available for all irrespective of the operating system in use. Hay Day has the potential to become the world leading game for different reasons which include the simplest storyline, few characters, multiplayer platform and a few other reasons. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It was first released for the iOS users then later for Android. The game is quite interesting and it is all based on farming. The major fans and players of this game are farmers because of the love of what they do. Farmers have an edge over normal conventional players because their real-life skill could be applied in building up the integrity and advancement of the farm. Hay Day is low in size and the requirements are quite a few and this makes it quite accessible by very normal Android and iOS users.

Hay Day is just a game that depicts the real farming process and reality. The game is embedded with a lot of gestures, gifts, and rewards which is only accessible when there is reasonable progress in the farming operations. Some of the gifts include animals to rear, lands to build, town to develop, crops to grow, bushes to maintain and several others. It takes time to have full access to these gifts and rewards because they are attached to different levels of the game. It is advisable to have coins and get things done with a quick motive or else you will continue to have an unproductive farmland which is a sad situation. In some situations, if there are coins and you intend to purchase a feature, it will take a few days to build. Coins can be gotten through different means but majorly by selling of harvested products. Different crops take different times to grow and beat fruit so it is advisable to always observe the progress and apply the needful extra materials. This is an advantage to people who will constantly follow up the game. Things may look like it happens slowly but without this time of brooding than the products may not fully manifest as required.

Based on the developers’ description, the game play and storyline are quite easy to understand. The player has an uncle that owns quite a farm but at a point couldn’t do the needful to keep the farm in the required shape for consistent harvest and production. The uncle now hands over the farm to the player with the mind of him making good use of the land appropriate then the player learns about the scarecrows, planting as well as harvesting techniques through some distinct automatic game training feature. The harvested crops could now be sold to gain coins, funds, and points. It is these things that will determine the purchasing power of the player no matter the level concerned. In this game, there is a chance for players to build towns, neighborhoods, fishing platforms and a lot of other adventurous features. The neighborhood is a place for different farmers to gather and help each other progress in their farm dreams and plans. Some of the animals that could be raised are the cattle, fishes, sheep, chickens and many others.

Switching From One Device To Another

The game hay Day could be played on both Android and iOS platform. The game would be installed and logged in to whatever device then the game kicks off. There is Facebook and Google+ platform there to link the game properly to save the farms and the authenticity of the player. This is to allow players to be able to log in another device if there is a switch. Switching from Android to IOS or iOS to android or android to android or iOS to iOS is quite easy with some few important informational tips. The tips are as follows:

  • Launch the new hay Day game software in the new device.
  • Ensure the game is connected to Facebook and it can be done through the game settings option on the previous device.
  • Then connect the hay Day to the same Facebook that was previously connected to the previous device. And there will be an option to accept or decline, then you accept.
  • Then you will be required to type the word CONFIRM at the appropriate time then the game will load up continuing from where you left off in the previous device.

In summary, hay Day is just a game that invites players to be able to own a farm virtually on a screen and control the activities as well. On this farm, animals could be reared, crops grown, and lots of other farming activities. In hay Day, the player can be given a chance to make cakes, pies and other edible products for consumption and personal build. The joy of it is that with time there are advancements which are a proof of work and labor in the growth of farm. Hay Day is the game you should never miss out especially for professional and peasant farmers. Hay Day was rated by gamezebo and given a score of 4 out of 5. They commended its graphics and the fact that it is a bit similar to FarmVille.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner