Tips for buying your heater

Choosing your home heater requires you pay attention to a number of important details to ensure your heater works adequately well while your safety is guaranteed. Here are the major things you need to consider while buying you next heater and also read some very good tips on keuzehelper, which will help you decide the best option for yourself from the comfort of your home in a very easy way.

How much space you need to heat

If you have a very large space to heat, a gas heater will be ideal for your heating needs. A reverse cycle split can also do some amazing heating jobs for you. However, if your heating requirements is for a small space, such as your bedroom or bathroom, an electric heater will be all you need to have all your heating needs met. If you plan to leave your heater on for a longer period, make sure you get one with a thermostat and a fan. This is a very important thing and sometimes you may have a smaller place and that could be an issue. So it is always better before buying the heater you should surely consider this.

Look at the overall design of the heater

Most types of heaters are advertised to be the best by their manufacturers in terms of efficiency and heating effectiveness, but any expert will tell you that is not the type that makes a heater good for your heating needs. As with every other electronic and electrical appliance, what makes a heater great is the overall design and unique features, make it a point that you read keuzehelper, for some very good tips which can help you make a better choice of the product.

The cost of running an electric heater

Costs of running your heater will be almost the same irrespective of whether you run it only when you are about going to bed or throughout the night. It is good you check the result of different electric heater running costs with experts to ensure you do not end up with a heater that gives you higher running costs with lower heating efficiency. The average cost of running your heater during winter for a 3 month period could range from $223-$278. This is something one should keep in mind some of heaters are very expensive and they may use up lots of power. This could hit you in the bill and hence you should take care that the heater which you buying is not a consuming too much of electricity.

Best types to buy

  • Radiant heaters

These ones are known to be personal heaters. They radiate heat from a single red-hot heating element, which means members of your family will have to sit in front of it in turns to get warm. They are inexpensive but can’t heat the air in your room well. These are very good and you can really get very high-quality heater. These are not very expensive and you can save some money buy going in for a small personalized option and that will not consume too much of electricity also.

  • Oil-filled column heaters

These ones use electricity to heat up the oils contained in their columns. The heat is then transferred from the heated oil to the circulating fins. They are ideal for overnight heating needs since they can operate for long without anyone attending to them. These are long lasting and a good buy, the only thing is be sure to compare the rates from the market so you are not confused about paying more money, different stores have got different price, and in some cases if you buy online then you may save a little more. SO you should keep all these factors in mind before buying one.

  • Convection heaters

These ones work by drawing cold air across an electric heating element. The heated air then moves from the heater to the ceiling, while cool air moves down to replace it. They come with a fan that forces the warm air off the heater. They heat up the air in your room quickly and evenly. These work very well and produce good results and are popular in the market, lots of people are buying thing, also the prices are not very high and that makes it an interesting option for everyone.

  • Fan heaters

These ones are designed to blow hot air. The fan is an important part of the heated design. These ones come with a more powerful fan that can project hot air to far distances in the room. They heat up the room more rapidly than most other types of heaters can.

Energy efficiency

Every electric heater comes with 100% efficiency. You can’t make any heater more efficient, but you can make them more effective by ensuring they come with an in-built fan, insulating your room, and preventing draughts. This is an important thing, you do not want to be paying huge bills.


The condition of your home interiors where you plan to install and run the heating system also plays a very important role in the effectiveness of your heating systems to meet your heating needs, also lots of good information is on keuzehelper, before buying you should read this website. If your interiors are insulated and have no draughts, the heater will work better and provide you better heating.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner