How to increase the real Instagram followers?

Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression. It was launched as a fun application for kids. Today it has become a serious content marketing, networking, selling and audience building tool. There are more than 200 million active monthly members. They share more than 50 million images and participate in more than 2 billion comments.

The engagement of Instagram is 58 times higher than that of Facebook. Instagram is a digital unicorn that outperforms the others.

Here are some ideas to buy active Instagram followers and increase the visibility:

Create and optimize a profile

Create a profile that looks good, is capable of bringing potential followers. The profile should have enough reasons for the followers to keep track. For instance, the profile should include customer centric elements. It can be gadgets reviews updated often, or games that involves active participation of the viewers, etc.

But before this, the profile should have a legendry appearance. How to achieve this?

  1. Create a recognizable username. One can add their business into it as well for better visibility
  2. Keep the profile’s visibility to public
  3. Select a profile picture that fulfils the purpose of opening the Instagram account.
  4. Fill in the bio details. Make the details interesting, informative and delightful as well. Here are some examples
    1. To make a life… Not just living
    2. See the world through our wonders filled lenses
    3. At xyz we make it happen
  5. Add a link to the bio. This makes it easy for the people to go straight to the website. This increases the opportunities of learning more about the profile holder. Use shortened links to make the appearance look good.
  6. Enable the notifications. This helps to engage in every action of the visitor.

Designate a creative content

The most important factor to buy active Instagram followers is good content. One can also hire a content creator. He should have experience in using personal Instagram accounts. Here are some tips to create high quality content:

  1. Research ready – to – use templates
    1. It helps to hold high resolution photographs that helps the users to get out of situations of sticky content
    2. It helps to prevent the situation of finding low on Instagram
  2. Use high quality stock images. Make sure the images are of 1080 by 1080 pixels.
  3. Make sure the overall aesthetic of the content is consistent. By this a new user can understand the message in few seconds
  4. Update the content frequently
  5. Post the content at the right time. Observe the time when majority of the followers are online. Post it at that time. This prevents the followers from missing the content.

Use photography skills

One need not learn photography software to make the photos high quality. Get familiar with basic photography tips and photo editing applications. Here are some tips

  1. Use a real camera
  2. Use different editing techniques. Post multiple versions of the photo. Ask the audience to choose the best. This way one can even make it an interactive process.
  3. Use Instagram filters to change the appearance
  4. Share a story with each photo. Do not overstuff content. Make it simple. Describe the shoot, what is the intention behind the shoot, details of the venue, etc.
  5. Do not make the profile look like a portfolio of photography. Use images to drive traffic an keep the count minimal.

The techniques to be used in photography are as follows:

  1. Focus on one subject
  2. Find interesting perspectives
  3. Fill in negative spaces
  4. Make the photographs symmetrical
  5. Create funny pictures and make the followers laugh
  6. Capture the tiniest details.

Posting schedule

Create a solid number of photos. Pick the number that will engage the followers. By this when people visit the profile, they will see full screen of photos rather than a handful. However, do not over stuff. Keep the count minimal say 12 to 15.

Apart from this backlog some pictures. This will be help to schedule the posting when on leave or vacation. Optimize the post timings. This determines more than half of the traffic to the post.

Here are some tips to select the right timings to optimize the post:

  1. Best times to post on Instagram is between Mondays and Thursdays. Select a suitable high traffic time except between 3 PM and 4 PM.
  2. Posting at 5 AM also helps. This is because people generally check their phones as soon as they wake up.
  3. While posting on weekends, post around 11 AM

Curate some of the content

Content curation is the process of collecting information related to a particular topic. It is intended to add value to the content. The following are the 2 main strategies to curate the content

  1. Leverage underground content
    1. Share content that people have not seen so far. To learn about unseen content one can, use RSS feed, dig deep into sources that have 10 – 20% relevance, etc
    2. Frame the curated content. As there are varied forms and facts of information, create a continuity and make the content interesting.
    3. Use best practices of SEO.
  2. Impress the original creators. When the original creators are impressed, they tend to share with their followers.

The above methods provide best results when one intends to buy active Instagram followers. Though there are lot more, these are easy and proven methods.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner