Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy is good for your mind and body. Unless you’re considered high-risk or have a health condition that prevents you from exercising, your doctor will likely encourage you to remain active throughout your pregnancy.

Maintaining an exercise routine throughout can help improve overall health and wellness for you and your baby. Although many fitness activities and movements are considered safe to continue during this time, there are some exercises to avoid during pregnancy. There are lots of ways you can be active during pregnancy, but the exercises listed below may not be safe now that you’re pregnant, according to casinoroo.

Contact sports and pregnancy

Contact sports are activities such as football, rugby, hockey or martial arts. Because of the way they are played, there is a risk of your bump being hit and so it’s best not to do them at all while you’re pregnant. If you’re part of a team though, you could still train with them – perhaps in the gym – as long as you don’t do anything where you could get hit.

Activities that have a risk of falling during pregnancy

Any exercise or activity where there is a risk of falling, such as skiing, climbing or horse riding, can be risky. This is because your growing bump alters your centre of gravity, which can make it harder to keep your balance. If you cycle and you’re worried about falling, you could change to indoor cycling in a gym.

Exercising at high altitudes in pregnancy

You shouldn’t exercise at high altitudes (over 2,500 metres) unless you are used to it, as it reduces the oxygen supply to you and your baby. If you have gone somewhere that is over 2,500 metres, you should wait at least four to five days for your body to adjust before you do any exercise.

Scuba diving when pregnant

Scuba diving is not safe during pregnancy. Nitrogen gas bubbles can pass across the placenta and your unborn baby has no protection against decompression sickness.

Exercising on your back in pregnancy

After 16 weeks, exercising on your back can cause low blood pressure and dizziness for some women. The weight of the baby could press on a major blood vessel and reduce the blood flow to your heart and therefore baby. For this reason, we also recommend sleeping on your side in late pregnancy and you can play games at US casino if you’re feeling bored.

Exercise classes that aren’t made for pregnancy

While yoga, Pilates and aerobic exercise classes are great in pregnancy, make sure your teacher is trained to instruct pregnant women. For example, they should advise you to avoid some exercises or positions, such as lying on your back after 16 weeks.

Avoid activities that can cause you to overheat. This includes running, cycling, or doing other exercise in extreme heat or participating in a hot yoga class.

Avoid exercise routines that require lying flat on your back for too long, especially during the last 3–4 months of pregnancy.

Stay hydrated and eat before exercise. Always have water with you when working out.
Wear clothing that is comfortable yet supportive. Consider sweat-wicking fabric that breathes. This is definitely the time to invest in a quality sports bra.

Post Author: Ronald L. Turner