An Introduction on the Strategic Game Of Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is quite a popular game which is available for both the IOS and Android users and it has over the time taken the mobile industry by a storm. It is a multiplayer online game which needs to be played strategically and which has been developed by supercell. Clash of clans is also known as “freemium” game which is totally free to play but one might have to pay for the in game items that are required to move forward like the gems and the resources. In the game clash of clans one requires to be strategic at every level, one really needs to build a community which is better known as the clan, after which the troops are trained after which they attack the players in order to attain gold and elixir.

After collecting elixir and gold the players can then use these items to rebuild their forces and to train and upgrade their troops and also make spells with them. Clash of clans also runs a single player game where one can attack the goblin villages in order to earn gold and elixir.

Clash of clans and its resources

Well the main resources that the players get by attacking other clans in the clash of clans is elixir, dark elixir and gold. Out of all these resources gold is basically used to build the buildings of the community, while the elixir and the dark elixir are used to train the troops out of the two elixirs are used for the barracks while dark elixir is used for dark barracks and barracks are then used for training the different troops.

Clan wars

So clash of clans is basically about clan wars in which the leader of each clan has a leader and a co-leader but only one of the two can initiate the war. In the clan war every clan gets preparation day and a separate war day. Then once the war begins the players receive the stars which are completely based on the destruction caused. Every player is expected to attack atleast twice in the war and then the team with the maximum stars at the end of the war wins. In case there is a tie then the team with the maximum destruction percentage is the winner.

There are also friendly challenges where players belonging to the same clan are able to challenge each other but the challenge is not for getting trophies or to loot.

How to win?

In case you are new to clash of clans and are confused with the way it is played then here is a little brief explanation. Well COC or the clash of clans is a game that is about building forts with the resources collected. In the war buildings are dropped and attacked but then with the resources collected they are restored again. Over the course of time the players are able to build an army with the help of various troops and they can also take missions single handily. The players get trophies and rewards for making loots in the battles. It is not as simple as it sounds which is why here are a few tricks and tips that can help you winning the clash wars.

  • Save your gems: Don’t spend your gems on just everything, save them for more important things. Try completing and finishing all the obstacles and achievements that would help in building the gems. Gems should really be spent on the builder’s huts and buying resources with gems is a poor decision, try boosting your production. Once you have enough gems then take time and think about the things that are important in your game and then spend wisely.
  • Be offensive: If you like to defend then try upgrading your town and the other defensive structures, this is also best if you are quite aggressive. After building up your defence, up your elixir production and start stocking up resources.
  • Shields: Nobody likes to get attacked and it can really such if one gets attacked but if your town is destroyed and is your town hall then you do have a shield which is for 12 hours. In case 90 percent if the base if wiped out then you get extra four hours. If you get extra hours that do not mean you start attacking that will cancel out your shield. The shield time is quite valuable so you can use it as an advantage. Shields are quiet useful and they can even help in moving the town hall in the open. You might lose some trophies and resources but the amount of time you get is totally worth it. Make sure <
  • Pick your targets: It is really important to choose your opponents there are a lot of things that you would want to take into account. Firstly, look at the town hall level of the opponents, if it is far lower then you will get a smaller cut. Like this you will get to see the number of resources you can plunder and you would also be able to earn back the resources that you have spent. Then if you are going for trophies in order to climb the ranks then you would have to invest in a lot of troops.
  • Use a tool: It is important to use a solid tool in order to boost the clan and there are a few new tools one of them is the clash track and there is also a tutorial about the tool, with which you can plan the attacks and also try some strategies.
  • Tailor your armies: The players get a day off before the war starts, so you can use the function called as scout for targeting the army. In case the walls are at a low level then you can go to the land and if the air defense isn’t upgraded then you can get balloons. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy as this will help in building the best army.

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Post Author: Ronald L. Turner